Collymore denies malicious challenge (Nov 21)
Stan Collymore is denying claims that he deliberately went into the challenge with Steve Harkness with intent to hurt him, following allegations of racist abuse from Harkness to Collymore last year.
Harkness was left with damaged knee ligaments after a high challenge by Collymore, although he insists it was nothing to do with the troubles of last year.

Collymore has been condemned by PFA Chief Gordan Taylor, who said in an interview with BBC Radio Five Live ``It might be a coincidence but people will say it's not. At times you just wonder with some players,''

Collymore was later sent off for a push/grab on Liverpool star Michael Owen, after a disgraceful challenge by Owen chopped Collymore down.  Collymore was incensed,  and got his second yellow card of the game when he put his hands on Owen,  however Owen escaped all punishment for the tackle on Collymore which could have seriously injured him.  

Paul Merson also hit out at the tackle by Owen, saying: ``I'm sure Michael didn't mean it but it was a bad tackle and high and I said to the ref  `What do you want Collymore to do, pick him up and shake his hand?' ``If things had gone wrong and the tackle had broken Stan's leg, then he might never have played football again - and then what happens?'' Merson added: ``I told the lads those days are going to happen. They did when Arsenal won the title when I was there."

Owen was also singled out for his push on Gareth Barry,  pushing him right into the advertising boards yet he still evaded punishment.

Michael Owen has the face of an angel, like a little school boy - and he uses this to his advantage when he is diving in the box claiming penalties, escaping punishment from dirty challenged he commits, and the antagonistic winding up of other players.

It also seems Liverpool may be entering a team in the next Olympics finals,  apparently with Owen and Fowler they have two of the best divers in the country.  And with Paul Ince and co not far behind,  they could be an outside bet.

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