Gregory will make decision on Collymore future (10 Mar)
Aston Villa manager John Gregory will make a decision later this month on whether Stan
 Collymore should be allowed to stay away from the club until he has recovered from clinical

 Collymore is having treatment at a psychiatric hospital three days a week and spending two days
 with Villa. 

 But it may be that he will be left to focus on his treatment until he has recovered. 

 Gregory said: ``I have told him that I am quite willing to see how he copes for the next fortnight. It
 is a unique situation. 

 ``I have to make the decision whether we continue as we are, where he is only making a bit-part
 performance, or decide to have him full time at the clinic. That would mean not seeing him at the
 training ground at all. 

 ``Then it is down to the money men to deal with the financial commitments that Aston Villa have to
 the player. The board and myself as well as Stan and his representatives have to come up with a
 solution in the forthcoming weeks. 

 ``Stan has to receive the treatment. He has the rest of his life to cope with and we are helping him
 in that direction as much as we can.'' 

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