Stan Collymore1998-99

Collymore started the season in limbo, a disasterous summer, a manager not impressed and a lot of people losing faith.

He started the season injured, however when fit sparked a good partnership with Dublin. Despite not scoring himself he has to be credited with all of the hard work in Dublins early scoring form.


Goal Breakdown

Dublin goal breakdown Collymore had the best variation of goals in the 1998-99 season.One of only 2 players to score in the FA cup he was also one of only 4 to score in Europe that season; including his hat trick against Stromsgodset in the away leg.

Villa didn't have any cup run worthy of a mention, but Collymore was the leading FA cup and European cup scorer for Villa.



Dublin scored his 7 goals from a total of 20 appearances. This consisted of 11 full appearances and 9 substitute appearances during the season. His goals per game ratio (number of appearances not time on pitch) is 0.35, although it is fair to say he assisted in a lot of Dublins early goals.

Where from here

Gregory insists there is no room for Collymore at Villa Park. Despite reporting back for training early and showing brilliant form he was sent out to Fulham on loan.

Fulham have a 3 month loan with view to signing him, however if he fails to transfer to Fulham it looks like his future lies abroad.
Definately a clash of personalities between him and Mr Gregory, too bad there wasn't room for the both of them at Villa
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